Adam X’s highly respected, deep, science fiction laden, Traversable Wormhole project celebrates its 10-year journey with a first full-length studio album titled Regions Of Time. Lying mostly dormant since 2012, with a cameo appearance on Hospital Records back in 2016 with two tracks, Traversable Wormhole is now fully awoken from the long travel through the space-time continuum with eight new songs of thought-provoking, psychedelic, bass-heavy, galaxian techno.

Adam X‘s back catalog is, of course, vast, spanning over a period three decades under several aliases; however, the EBM guru has no intent to stop any time soon. The New York native released his devious escapade through rumbling EBM and industrial techno in the form of his full-length album Recon Mission, released under his Sonic Groove Imprint. With this project being under the Traversable Wormhole alias, be sure to expect another facet to X’s repertoire of pounding excursions. The techno varies from quizzical, pensive, resounding, rhythmic, but most importantly, a voyage of wonder through wormholes spreading over universes far and wide.

The album opens with some nefarious beats in Redshift. The double-slapped EBM percussions add a certain 80s rhythm to the track, which then comes in with some old school American minimalist techno beats. The rattling snares and quizzical synths hang infectiously over the number and is an outlier for the project.

The production shows the layered ability of the artist, having such a huge EBM background it gives this techno album some real energy. His combination of the groove with sci-fi sounds is a testament to the textured album. Tracks like Casimir Energy have the underground synths that drive the forward the cut, whereas the deep percussions steamroll the flow. He merges these with galactic stabs, interstellar synths, and mechanical bangs for a deep and marveling sound.

The album concludes with possibly the most memorable track. Stargate has a delightful drum pattern full of energy and the snap really sucks in the listener, it gives it a headbanging sensation. The contagious beat feels like a live band; it adds a human element. Introspective synths are layered in with some futuristic space-age synths and stabs. It’s a cut that you could imagine in a break on the dance floor, or for some brooding meditation.

Label: Traversable Wormhole

Artist: Traversable Wormhole

Title: Regions Of Time

Format: Vinyl, Digital

Cat.Number: TWLP01

Release Date: November 15th, 2019


01. Redshifting

02. Geodesic Motion

03. Casimir Energy

04. Rotation Frequency

05. Massless Fermions

06. Vacuum Field Stress

07. Wormhole Highways

08. Stargates

Traversable Wormhole