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Abaddon Podcast 108 X BESTIAL MOUTHS

In our 108th episode of Abaddon Podcast we are pleased to host Bestial Mouths As the voice and spirit of Bestial Mouths, Lynette Cerezo is a powerfully haunting figure. Across international stages and recordings, spellbinding performances take audiences through voidic visions. Since their inception in 2009, the core root of Bestial Mouths has combined Cerezo’s…

Ayarcana – Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses (Peryl Remix)[Premiere I CN006]

Premiere of Ayarcana‘s “Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses”, remixed by Peryl, forthcoming on Cluster Node Label: Cluster Node Artist: Ayarcana Remix: Peryl Title: Cheap Rents and Haunted Houses EP Track: Cheap Rents and Haunted Houses Cat.Number: CN006 Format: Vinyl & Digital Release Date: 14th April 2020 Pre – Order: Ayarcana makes his debut on…

Shrouds – Fear And Chaos, The Currencies Of Control [Premiere I F001]

Premiere of a ‘Fear and Chaos, the Currencies of Control ‘ by Shrouds, taken from Connections VA, forthcoming on FLUX Musical Art Label: FLUX Musical Art Artist: Shrouds Title: Connections VA Track: Fear and Chaos, the Currencies of Control Cat.Number: F001 Format: Cassette, Digital Release Date: Spring

Abaddon: Podcast 107 X Rommek

In our 107th episode of Abaddon podcast we are pleased to host Rommek. As a recently emerging artist, Rommek has shown promising developments in his own sound, as well as carving his way into the current techno scene. His extensive interest in sound design is crafted within the dense atmospheres, heavy textured drums and dynamic…

Abaddon: Tapefeed – Boldfinger [Premiere I MPSYEP05]

Premiere of a ‘Boldfinger’ by Tapefeed, taken from Ruled by the Blondes EP, out soon on Metempsychosis Records Label: Metempsychosis Records Artist: Tapefeed Title: Ruled by the Blondes Track: Boldfinger Cat.Number: MPSY005 Format: Digital Release Date: April 2, 2020 Pre – Order: Tapefeed makes their return on Metempsychosis with a controversial EP which includes…

Abaddon: Roman – Break The Matrix [Premiere | KHIDIVA001]

Premiere of ‘Break The Matrix’ by Roman taken from KHIDI Various Artist release coming out soon on KHIDI Label: KHIDI Artist: Roman Title: KHIDI VA 1 Track: Break The Matrix Cat Number: KHIDIVA001 Format: Vinyl + Digital Release Date: April 10th, 2020 Pre-order: Tbilisi club KHIDI launches its label, with a first release featuring resident…

Abaddon: Axel Picodot – Yellow Zone [Premiere I WR016]

Premiere of a ‘​Yellow Zone’ by Axel Picodot, taken from Don’t Stop The Rave Various Artist release forthcoming on WarinD Records Label: WarinD Records Artist: Axel Picodot Title: Don’t Stop The Rave VA Track: Yellow Zone Cat.Number: WR016 Format: Digital, CD Release Date: April 28, 2020 Pre – Order:…-the-rave-wr016

Abaddon: Podcast 106 X Bad Faith Actor

Next Episode of Abaddon Podcast with Bad Faith Actor In our 106th episode we’re thrilled to host – an amazing talent from Colombia, half of Alpha&Necromante – Bad Faith Actor. The hour of crushing and uncompromising music with some apocalyptic vibe! ‘Bad Faith Actor – To Welcome Apocalypse in The Winds of Change’ Follow Bad…

Abaddon: Tocsin – Inferno (End Train Dark Energies Remix)[Premiere I WTDEP008RMX1]

Premiere of Toscin’s ‘Inferno’ in Dark Energies Remix by End Train, coming out soon on Ways To Die Records Label: Ways To Die Records Artist: Tocsin Remix: End Train Dark Energies Remix Title: Inferno Cat Number: WTDEP008RMX1 Format: Digital Release Date: March 26, 2020 Pre – Order:

Abaddon: Forest People – Nembus [Premiere | yva01]

Premiere of Nembus by Forest People taken from From our Future Selves VA coming out soon on ygam Label: ygam Artist: Forest People Track: Nembus Title: From our Future Selves VA Cat.Number: yva01 Format: Digital Release Date: March 20th, 2020 Buy:

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