Premiere of ‘Break The Matrix’ by Roman taken from KHIDI Various Artist release coming out soon on KHIDI

Label: KHIDI
Artist: Roman
Title: KHIDI VA 1
Track: Break The Matrix
Cat Number: KHIDIVA001
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Release Date: April 10th, 2020


Tbilisi club KHIDI launches its label, with a first release featuring resident artists Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, OTHR and Roman. The compilation will be released on Vinyl and Digital platforms on April 10th. The artwork was designed by Italian artist Acid Hazel depicting Georgian historical artworks “Vakhusti Bagrationi”, the Georgian prince to whom the bridge, where KHIDI is located, is dedicated to, “Ancient Spaceship”, “Alchemical Tree”, and “Sun and the Circle of Zodiac

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