Next episode of Abaddon Podcast with Kareem

Kareem, Founder of Zhark Recordings Berlin, has been presenting heavy armoured track material since the year 96 challenging the auditory, pushing them deep into the abyss.

His definition of the Zharkesthetic lies in conveying a claustrophobic state > an atmosphere of threatening sound architecture…


François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley – Erosion always wins [Mego]
Kareem – cryinggodz [Zhark]
Sstrom – Drenched 1 [Rösten]
Sstrom – Drenched 7 – [Rösten]
Uun – Destruction of Heaven and Earth [Mord Records]
Filip Xavi – Undercurrent [Semantica Records]
Blush Response – NET TERMINAL GENE [SCX08]
Max Durante – Delusion Visceral [Ballistic]
VSK – Contrasto de Luminanzo [Mord Records]
EON – . ..xx•![<(—• . (Kufunga) [New York Trax]
Sawf – Kofta [Vanila]
Zymosiz – Shift [Zhark]
SAM KDC – Coup de Grace [Horo]
Holsten – Carrier Wave [Droogs]
Outer Heaven – Trapline [UVB-76]
Artilect – Echos [Droogs]
Outer Heaven – The last Men [UVB-76]
Honzo – Depression Post Mortem [Monolith]