Premiere of ‘Mastermind’ by Cuften, taken from Secam Dreams EP out soon on Tripalium Corp.

Label: Tripalium Corp
Artist: Cuften
Title: Secam Dreams
Track: Mastermind
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat.Number: TRIP007
Release Date: October 25, 2019

Obsessed by synths, french producer Cuften is also known for his alias LePyong, under which he already released a cassette on Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series. He’s been a freeparty activist and a DJ since the late 90s, with a mainly rave and hardcore background – that you can definitely feel in that new 12” EP. These 3 tracks, which have been recorded in a live context in order to keep a human feel, are a well balanced mix of oldschool rave energy and futuristic aesthetics.