Premiere of ‘Variable Lifeline’ by 14anger & Dep Affect taken from Portable Persecutors EP, coming out soon on Call Of The Void

Label: Call Of The Void
Artist: 14anger & Dep Affect
Track: Variable Lifeline
Title: Portable Persecutors EP
Cat.Number: COTV001
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: April 24th, 2020


Are you unsatisfied with modern techno? Perhaps you feel that it has become bland, generic festival friendly instagram techno that’s easy to listen to but easier to forget. If you are plagued with thoughts like this day and night, do not fear! This is simply the CALL OF THE VOID.

CALL OF THE VOID is a new label that brings you techno with disorientating rave energy and apocalyptic doomcore.

CALL OF THE VOID says no to trendy predictable crowd pleasers and yes to
music that has room to move and is not always straight down the line.
If you are unsettled, well, that’s good. Because our first release even includes an unsettling remix by our favourite doomkommander and legendary British act FIFTH ERA