Month: March 2020

Abaddon: Tapefeed – Boldfinger [Premiere I MPSYEP05]

Premiere of a ‘Boldfinger’ by Tapefeed, taken from Ruled by the Blondes EP, out soon on Metempsychosis Records Label: Metempsychosis Records Artist: Tapefeed Title: Ruled by the Blondes Track: Boldfinger Cat.Number: MPSY005 Format: Digital Release Date: April 2, 2020 Pre – Order: Tapefeed makes their return on Metempsychosis with a controversial EP which includes…

Abaddon: Roman – Break The Matrix [Premiere | KHIDIVA001]

Premiere of ‘Break The Matrix’ by Roman taken from KHIDI Various Artist release coming out soon on KHIDI Label: KHIDI Artist: Roman Title: KHIDI VA 1 Track: Break The Matrix Cat Number: KHIDIVA001 Format: Vinyl + Digital Release Date: April 10th, 2020 Pre-order: Tbilisi club KHIDI launches its label, with a first release featuring resident…

Abaddon: Axel Picodot – Yellow Zone [Premiere I WR016]

Premiere of a ‘​Yellow Zone’ by Axel Picodot, taken from Don’t Stop The Rave Various Artist release forthcoming on WarinD Records Label: WarinD Records Artist: Axel Picodot Title: Don’t Stop The Rave VA Track: Yellow Zone Cat.Number: WR016 Format: Digital, CD Release Date: April 28, 2020 Pre – Order:…-the-rave-wr016

Abaddon: Podcast 106 X Bad Faith Actor

Next Episode of Abaddon Podcast with Bad Faith Actor In our 106th episode we’re thrilled to host – an amazing talent from Colombia, half of Alpha&Necromante – Bad Faith Actor. The hour of crushing and uncompromising music with some apocalyptic vibe! ‘Bad Faith Actor – To Welcome Apocalypse in The Winds of Change’ Follow Bad…

Abaddon: Tocsin – Inferno (End Train Dark Energies Remix)[Premiere I WTDEP008RMX1]

Premiere of Toscin’s ‘Inferno’ in Dark Energies Remix by End Train, coming out soon on Ways To Die Records Label: Ways To Die Records Artist: Tocsin Remix: End Train Dark Energies Remix Title: Inferno Cat Number: WTDEP008RMX1 Format: Digital Release Date: March 26, 2020 Pre – Order:

Abaddon: Forest People – Nembus [Premiere | yva01]

Premiere of Nembus by Forest People taken from From our Future Selves VA coming out soon on ygam Label: ygam Artist: Forest People Track: Nembus Title: From our Future Selves VA Cat.Number: yva01 Format: Digital Release Date: March 20th, 2020 Buy:

Abaddon: Podcast 105 X ISTIGKEIT

Next Episode of Abaddon Podcast with Istigkeit Istigkeit is a multi-faceted techno artist whose musical universe oscillates between mystical atmospheres and punk/noise/industrial sounds. If his studio productions carry the mark of occult rituals with a (more or less) controlled violence, his relentless dj sets literally invite the audience to enter into a frenzied and infernal…

Abaddon: 14anger & Dep Affect – Variable Lifeline [Premiere | COTV001]

Premiere of ‘Variable Lifeline’ by 14anger & Dep Affect taken from Portable Persecutors EP, coming out soon on Call Of The Void Label: Call Of The Void Artist: 14anger & Dep Affect Track: Variable Lifeline Title: Portable Persecutors EP Cat.Number: COTV001 Format: Vinyl, Digital Release Date: April 24th, 2020 Buy:…-the-void-01/ Are you unsatisfied with modern…

Abaddon: Mickey Nox – You Mean Nothing (Piledrive Mix)[Premiere I GFR070]

Premiere of a ‘You Mean Nothing (Piledrive Mix)’ by Mickey Nox taken from Stomping On A Dream EP coming out soon on Green Fetish Records Label: Green Fetish Records Artist: Mickey Nox Title: Stomping On A Dream EP Track: ​You Mean Nothing (Piledrive Mix) Cat.Number: GFR070 Format: Vinyl, Digital Release Date: March 26, 2020 Pre…

Abaddon: d_b (Déformation Booléenne) – Kombo 1 [Premiere I d_b08]

Premiere of `Kombo 1´by d_b (Déformation Booléenne), taken from Kombo 1​-​5 EP, forthcoming on d_b Enregistrements. Label: d_b Enregistrements Artist: d_b (Déformation Booléenne) Title: Kombo 1​-​5 EP Track: Kombo 1​ Cat.Number: d_b08 Format: Digital Release Date: March 23th, 2020 Pre – Order:…bool-enne

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