Month: October 2019

Abaddon: Podcast 081 X Øliver

Formerly known under a live alias, Øliver emerged as a self-titled solo artist in 2016, the latest electronic project from London-based, Oliver Gibson. Born from within the capitals neglected walls and spaces, Øliver’s interests lay at an intersection between sharp EBM and machine-cut Techno. Working with a DIY aesthetic, the alias was founded on a non-purist approach, a resistance against convention.

Abaddon: Codex Empire – Pentaduct [Premiere I WRV03]

Premiere of ‘Pentaduct’ by Codex Empire, taken from Various Artists Overdreams EP out soon on WarinD Records

Label: WarinD Records
Artist: Codex Empire
Title: Overdreams EP
Track: Pentaduct
Format: Vinyl,Digital
Cat.Number: WRV03
Release Date: November 14, 2019

During our lives we humans will dream every day since we are born until we die, even when we don’t remember.
The dream or the nightmare are the alternation of our desires and our fears, but in music there are not nightmares, only dreams.

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Abaddon: Podcast 080 X Blind Delon

Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz and after releasing several works on Oráculo Records / Bordello A Parigi and some DJ sets around Europe, Blind Delon raised to a 3-members live band.

With their heads and bags filled with synthesizers from a time they weren’t even born, the band can be found today between a record shop and a cave rave, looking for an aesthetic that is nowhere near dying. Post-Synthwave might be the best words to qualify the project, as the music is a sort of breed between outrageous Pop and cold basslines.

Building a bridge between Pop and Rave music, Blind Delon is making a conventional yet romantic Post-Punk sound.

Abaddon: Maedon – Special Report [Premiere I SG1991]

Premiere of ‘Special Report’ by Maedon , taken from Against His Will EP out soon on Sonic Groove

Label: Sonic Groove
Artist: Maedon
Title: Against His Will EP
Track: Special Report
Format: Vinyl,Digital
Cat.Number: SG1991
Release Date: October 14th, 2019

You may not know Maedon, the artist formerly known as pulsewidthmod, but you will soon; she has been pulverizing select dance floors with live sets since her arrival in Brooklyn late summer of 2018. Shrouded in mystery, there is one thing known about her, she’s a wizard with the hardware driven by some fierce passion for the music. After having toured across the country on her own, she released a 12“ EP with the highly-respected Detroit Underground. Now she is ready to bring her work to the next level with a hard-hitting EP that epitomizes her sound on Adam X‘s legendary Sonic Groove label. The label, of course, is known for delivering some of the hardest and intricate records in EBM and industrial, having releases from Rebekah, Dasha Rush, and Orphx

“Special Report” in an attempt to tame and focus the disarray. The track has less overall unpredictable texture, and more EBM flared body banging beats. Still an absolute powerhouse, it uses door-pounding percussion to drive it along with modulated synths and riffs generating a menacing presence

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