Month: October 2019

Forthcoming: Traversable Wormhole – Regions Of Time LP [TWLP01]

Adam X’s highly respected, deep, science fiction laden, Traversable Wormhole project celebrates its 10-year journey with a first full-length studio album titled Regions Of Time. Lying mostly dormant since 2012, with a cameo appearance on Hospital Records back in 2016 with two tracks, Traversable Wormhole is now fully awoken from the long travel through the space-time continuum with eight new songs of thought-provoking, psychedelic, bass-heavy, galaxian techno.

Adam X‘s back catalog is, of course, vast, spanning over a period three decades under several aliases; however, the EBM guru has no intent to stop any time soon. The New York native released his devious escapade through rumbling EBM and industrial techno in the form of his full-length album Recon Mission, released under his Sonic Groove Imprint. With this project being under the Traversable Wormhole alias, be sure to expect another facet to X’s repertoire of pounding excursions. The techno varies from quizzical, pensive, resounding, rhythmic, but most importantly, a voyage of wonder through wormholes spreading over universes far and wide.

The album opens with some nefarious beats in Redshift. The double-slapped EBM percussions add a certain 80s rhythm to the track, which then comes in with some old school American minimalist techno beats. The rattling snares and quizzical synths hang infectiously over the number and is an outlier for the project.

The production shows the layered ability of the artist, having such a huge EBM background it gives this techno album some real energy. His combination of the groove with sci-fi sounds is a testament to the textured album. Tracks like Casimir Energy have the underground synths that drive the forward the cut, whereas the deep percussions steamroll the flow. He merges these with galactic stabs, interstellar synths, and mechanical bangs for a deep and marveling sound.

The album concludes with possibly the most memorable track. Stargate has a delightful drum pattern full of energy and the snap really sucks in the listener, it gives it a headbanging sensation. The contagious beat feels like a live band; it adds a human element. Introspective synths are layered in with some futuristic space-age synths and stabs. It’s a cut that you could imagine in a break on the dance floor, or for some brooding meditation.

Label: Traversable Wormhole

Artist: Traversable Wormhole

Title: Regions Of Time

Format: Vinyl, Digital

Cat.Number: TWLP01

Release Date: November 15th, 2019


01. Redshifting

02. Geodesic Motion

03. Casimir Energy

04. Rotation Frequency

05. Massless Fermions

06. Vacuum Field Stress

07. Wormhole Highways

08. Stargates

Traversable Wormhole

Abaddon: Blush Response – Post Truth [Premiere I SCH-137]

Premiere of ‘Post Truth by Blush Response, taken from Fissures In The Megastructure out soon on Schematic Music Company

Label: Schematic Music Company
Artist: Blush Response
Title: Fissures In The Megastructure
Track: Post Truth
Format: Cassette, Digital
Cat.Number: SCH – 137
Release Date: November 01, 2019

Schematic Music Company proudly presents Blush Response aka Joey Blush, a Cuban-American artist and sound designer hailing from Miami who now resides in Berlin. Blush cut his teeth programming works for artists such as Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber, Cristian Castro, and as a touring member of Joey Jordison’s (Slipknot) alternative rock project Scar the Martyr. A vibrant artist relentlessly exploring the outer realms of industrial, Techno, IDM, you-name-it and has a plethora of releases on labels like Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Sonic Groove, Ant-zen, and Total Black.Please join the infinite expansion of Blush Response’s metalloid planes on Fissures In The Megastructure.

Enjoy and destroy.

Abaddon: Mickey Nox – Proud In Conviction [Premiere I SR16]

Premiere of ‘Proud In Conviction’ by Mickey Nox, taken from To The Ravers Various Artist release out soon on Scuderia Records

Label: Scuderia
Artist: Mickey Nox
Title: To The Ravers
Track: Proud In Conviction
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat.Number: SR16
Release Date: November 22, 2019

This one is for the dusty shoes, sweaty clothes, happy faces.
This one is for the love we’ve shared.
This one is for you, free people around the world, you know who you are.
Never stop raving!

Abaddon: Cuften – Mastermind [Premiere I TRIP007]

Premiere of ‘Mastermind’ by Cuften, taken from Secam Dreams EP out soon on Tripalium Corp.

Label: Tripalium Corp
Artist: Cuften
Title: Secam Dreams
Track: Mastermind
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat.Number: TRIP007
Release Date: October 25, 2019

Obsessed by synths, french producer Cuften is also known for his alias LePyong, under which he already released a cassette on Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series. He’s been a freeparty activist and a DJ since the late 90s, with a mainly rave and hardcore background – that you can definitely feel in that new 12” EP. These 3 tracks, which have been recorded in a live context in order to keep a human feel, are a well balanced mix of oldschool rave energy and futuristic aesthetics.

Abaddon: Angel Karel & Istigkeit – My Body Is My Own [Premiere | ISTGKT003]

Premiere of ‘My Body Is My Own’ by Angel Karel & Istigkeit, taken from VA out soon on Istigkeit Records

Label: Istigkeit
Artists: Angel Karel & Istigkeit
Title: VA
Track: My Body Is My Own
Cat. Number: ISTGKT003
Format: Cassette + Digital
Release date: November 4, 2019

With this third opus, Istigkeit Records offers a hallucinatory journey into the depths of electronics.
Visceral atmospheres, cold lust, degenerate hybrids, ravy waves : nothing will be spared during those 7 tracks.
The artists at work : Töria, Violet Poison & FTS, Aneed, Auto De Fe, Angel Karel & Istigkeithypnotic techno vibe and a classic rhythm’n’noise appeal.

Abaddon: Last Days Of S.E.X. – Insult [Premiere I HANDS D284]

Premiere of ‘Insult’ by Last Days Of S.E.X., taken from Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful LP out soon on Hands.

Label: Hands
Artist: Last Days Of S.E.X.
Title: Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful
Track: Insult
Format: Compact Disc, Digital
Cat.Number: HANDS D284
Release Date: October 25, 2019

An album title that competes for the most concise description of the state this world is in, 70 minutes of rhythmic and noisy techno industrial to accentuate man’s life on the verge of destruction: Manos Chrisovergis returns in 2019 with an album that is highly topical on both levels, politically and sonically. And lest we forget, this, the fourth Last Days of S.E.X. album, yields the highest output of possibly club compatible tunes among his trademark noise bursts – not least because of the remixes by TOMOHIKO SAGAE, KATRAN and MORAH and but also because underneath the ear-splitting onslaught there’s a slow and captivating groove waiting to be found.

The track titles speak a clear language; alienation, obsession and anxiety are the subject matter, as well as the Last Days trademark references to anti-authoritarian politics. Manos’ sound arsenal is all lined up, cold and harrowing blasts numbing body and mind. And yet: There’s an overall structure always diverting the stream of seemingly freeform noise into a rhythmic riverbed. Naturally, there are untamed beasts to be found on this album (“Vilnius”); Tracks like the vicious opener “OCD” , “Inevitable Pain” or “Daily Routine” will work perfectly work in a DJ’s rhythm’n’noise flow, while the likes of “Trash” or “Insult” even bring in a discernible kick drum and pace, making them appear like the grubby (and especially noisy i.e.) relatives of industrial techno.

Speaking of, the choice of remixes underline that intention: Greek countryman MORAH (who has released in Helena Hauff’s “Return to Disorder” label among others) plays it with hypnotic understatement; label mates TOMOHIKO SAGAE and KATRAN deliver it hard-hitting and bass-heavy respectively.
All in all, “Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful” is (still) worlds apart from “standard fare” industrial techno; Manos has created quite something else (and unique): Noise presented with a hypnotic techno vibe and a classic rhythm’n’noise appeal.


Abaddon: Podcast 083 X Kareem

Next episode of Abaddon Podcast with Kareem

Kareem, Founder of Zhark Recordings Berlin, has been presenting heavy armoured track material since the year 96 challenging the auditory, pushing them deep into the abyss.

His definition of the Zharkesthetic lies in conveying a claustrophobic state > an atmosphere of threatening sound architecture…


François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley – Erosion always wins [Mego]
Kareem – cryinggodz [Zhark]
Sstrom – Drenched 1 [Rösten]
Sstrom – Drenched 7 – [Rösten]
Uun – Destruction of Heaven and Earth [Mord Records]
Filip Xavi – Undercurrent [Semantica Records]
Blush Response – NET TERMINAL GENE [SCX08]
Max Durante – Delusion Visceral [Ballistic]
VSK – Contrasto de Luminanzo [Mord Records]
EON – . ..xx•![<(—• . (Kufunga) [New York Trax]
Sawf – Kofta [Vanila]
Zymosiz – Shift [Zhark]
SAM KDC – Coup de Grace [Horo]
Holsten – Carrier Wave [Droogs]
Outer Heaven – Trapline [UVB-76]
Artilect – Echos [Droogs]
Outer Heaven – The last Men [UVB-76]
Honzo – Depression Post Mortem [Monolith]

Abaddon: Crystal Geometry – Totale Aliénation [Premiere I HANDS V079]

Premiere of ‘Totale Aliénation’ by Crystal Geometry, taken State of Play EP out soon on Hands.

Label: Hands
Artist: Crystal Geometry
Title: State Of Play
Track: Totale Aliénation
Format: Vinyl Digital
Cat.Number: HANDS V079
Release Date: October 25, 2019

HANDS is over the moon to announce a club-shattering, EBM flavoured industrial techno 4-track 12“ and digital EP by French pioneer Maxime Fabre. With his Crystal Geometry alter ego, he has caused quite a stir, churning out gritty tech tracks on labels such as SONIC GROOVE or TRIPALIUM, inspired by various dark music genres, produced with a modular system and thus resounding with hands-on analogue impact.

This release truly reflects the state of play concerning industrial-flavoured warehouse techno, historically aware and yet totally up-to-date. The musical DNA of Crystal Geometry is a perfect match with that of HANDS: Resounding with a post-punk darkness, driven by irresistible kicks and commanding vocals and propelled by sturdy EBM sequences, all wrapped up in state-of-the-art production. “State of Play” contains four hit tracks that never lose their riot-rousing, raving momentum – but let’s not forget this is not only about hedonistic enjoyment, but also conveys a clear political message.

“State of Play” accordingly comes in a limited numbered edition of 200 copies in red vinyl with art print, with an unlimited run in black also available, as well as the digital version.

Abaddon: Podcast 082 X Blac Kolor

You recognize this moment when a certain raw energy hits you right in the chest like a forgotten feeling you used to know from your youth. When something reverberates so deep, so massively that you can’t ignore it. You can’t shape it, tweak it or deny it. It will overrun you like a faceless virus. A rhythm without colour. May I introduce you to Blac Kolor?

Blac Kolor is a music project by long time DJ, promoter and graphic designer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig. Coming from the wild eastern electronic body music scene in Germany in the early 90s, he continuously developed & pushed the boundaries in an open-minded way that many partygoers seemed not prepared for. His techno influenced DJ sets persuaded every hesitant crowd for several years now. On the producer’s side he consequently figured there is some space to be filled with a new musical narrative: banging rhythms for a dark world of windowless basements – the typical BK sound.

First Blac Kolor started out with his friends Daniel Myer & DSX known as Haujobb and his mate Square7 to introduce a cold techno induced night called “FROST”. They rinsed the merciless b-sides of their favourite producers to a mesmerizing video installation by Robben Bollocks. Guests of their choice were: Paul Kendall (Mute), Cute Heels (Black Leather Rec), cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy). It was time to take the situation into their own hands. So in January 2013 they released the first “FROST EP” from Basic Unit Production. Soon followed by the “RANGE EP” of Blac Kolor, which featured a nightmarish, and zombie-esque vision of techno. This EP received airplay by DJs worldwide including Tanith (Tresor) and Christopher Kah (Gigolo). The successor single “KOLD” was aptly released in fall 2013. It was a preview of what was expected to be his new sound. Rough breaks, a marching snare & lots of uneasy vibes but nonetheless a groove at his black and rotten heart, which he manifested with his debut album „Wide Noise“ in 2014 on Basic Unit Productions, where he also dropped his second album „Born In Ruins“ in 2016 which reached the attention of a broader audience worldwide and brought him out playing international shows overseas.

In 2018 he then switched to german industrial label legend HANDS for his 3rd full length album called „Awakening“, where he even collaborated with Front 242’s very own Jean-Luc De Meyer. In summer 2018 he unleashed his last physical record (called „Sacred“) on splendid Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, soon to be followed by new material in 2019 on this very label from Berlin.


01 Cougar (Feat. Long Line) – Core Beliefs
02 Dance X – Gesaffelstein
03 Crush On You – Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais
04 Puissance Industrielle – Amato
05 Gegen die Wand feat. Huren – Monya
06 Wrong Way Driving – ICD-10
07 Regret is Poison (Crystal Geometry remix) – Sina XX
08 Ranga – Special Circumstances
09 Move Your Body (Dance With Me) – Fractions
10 Tense Atmosphere – Tomohiko Sagae
11 Ripper Transistor – Ansome
12 Grond – New Frames
13 So It Seems (Version 2) – Kontravoid
14 Idolize (Fleisch Edit) – Forces
15 The Plaque – Giant Swan
16 South Beach Burnin Bins – Tommy Holohan
17 The Mover feat. Modeselektor – Catnapp

Abaddon: Agency – Cracked 32″ Flat Screen [Premiere I IOD044]

Premiere of ‘Cracked 32″ Flat Screen’ by Agency, taken from his debut, self-titled EP out soon on Instruments Of Discipline.

Label: Instruments Of Discipline
Artist: Agency
Title: Agency EP
Track: Cracked 32″ Flat Screen
Format: Digital
Cat.Number: IOD044
Release Date: November 11, 2019

The EP is a club-aimed release, martial rhythms, granular feedback, vocal chants and primal-scream therapy extractions are wound together with heavy kicks, the track titles form a small piece of prose, a vision lifted from a Boschian nightmare.

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