Month: September 2019

Abaddon: Podcast 079 X Gonzo MDF

Co-owner of the Munich techno label Counterweight || Rote Sonne Resident || Vinyl Lover

Born in Andalucia (Spain), currently based in Munich since 2010.
In 2016 he started, alongside with Marco H a new party series called Counterweight which is based in the stunning Rote Sonne.
He had the opportunity to come up beside some great artists as Stranger, Dax J, Ansome, Sunil Sharpe, Freddy K … among others.

Abaddon: Podcast 078 X Olēka

Olēka is the new alter ego of the already well-known Bosnia & Hercegovina-based DJ/Producer Forest People! In a very short time, Olēka has affirmed himself as a new powerhouse in today’s techno scene, and has produced releases for world-renowned labels like Planet Rhythm, Genesa, Power Vacuum, Mindcut, Dakfloor, and Newrhythmic.
This moniker emphasizes the more industrial, and distorted side of techno.
Recognizable by his originality and style, Olēka is the bright future of the genre. Many good things are to come from this artist, so stay tuned!

Abaddon: Podcast 077 X Magnum Opus

Next episode of Abaddon Podcast with Magnum Opus

Abaddon: Podcast 076 X D. Carbone

Davide Carbone is a Techno DJ and Producer born in Naples in 1987. Deeply dedicated to extolling Acid and Rave Culture, he is the Co-owner of record Labels such as Repitch Recordings, Cosmo Rhythmatic, 3TH Records and the only-owner of Carbone Records.
His most known solo projects are D. Carbone and Honzo, at the same time Davide’s career is distinguished for the long-time collaborations with the fellow Ascion and others mates such as AnD, Gaja,Shapednoise and CJ Bolland..


Abaddon: Podcast 075 X Vittorio Di Mango

Vittorio Di Mango is an Italian DJ/producer from the class of 97 who was born in Trani, a small city in the South of Italy. Vittorio’s first approach to electronic music was in 2012 when he played in small clubs in his city and those nearby. In 2014, interests in Techno music were born by becoming resident DJ at a local organization called “White XXX”, leading to playing alongside artists including D. Carbone, Ascion, Wrong assessment, Dax J, PVS, Phase Fatale and Samuel Kerridge. It was in these times that a path was being formed. His sets became characterized by a weaving of modern Techno, with sounds such as Acid, Industrial and EBM.

In September 2016, the four-track debut “Wrong definition” EP was released on Berlin-based, Amok Tapes. Solidifying an affiliation with the label, Vittorio later contributed to the “Kommando Kompilation” with Blush Response, Unhuman, Alexey Volkov, Ontal, Human Performance Lab and more. In January 2017, his first remix “Prepare to Die” on NEN Records was released. In April of the same year, “Epilessia” was inaugurated, his first track on vinyl with I Hate Models through London-based, Khemia records.

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