Month: August 2019

Abaddon: Podcast 074 X Celldöd

Celldöd, aka Anders Karlsson, has been releasing dirty electronic music since the late ’80s, both small-run cassette tapes inspired by the DIY ethos of his post-punk background, and pristine vinyl editions. Karlsson’s music is uncompromising and edgy, with roots in both early electronic and ’70s industrial music from Britain, as well as US techno and Kraut-inspired German electronics.

Abaddon: Spit Mask – Puppy [a+w lp025] | Premiere]

We are pleased to host Premiere of ‘Puppy’ by Spit Mask, taken from You May Feel Some Pressure out soon on aufnahme + wiedergabe


Abaddon: Delusions – Visceral (Max Durante URTO REMIX)[BALLISTIC_07 | Premiere]

We are pleased to host Premiere of Visceral by Delusions in remix from Max Durante taken from Visceral EP, out soon on Ballistic  

Abaddon: Rhys Fulber – Neolithic Chasm [SGLP06 I Premiere]

Ostalgia is Rhys Fulber’s second album for Sonic Groove following the success of last year’s Your Dystopia, My Utopia. Like its predecessor, it continues his interest in pushing new boundaries in industrial techno, with kicks and bass lines woven together with clinical precision to cause intense speaker pressure, and atmospheric synth lines that will dig deep inside your mind. The title and the original socialist realism mural on the cover refer to Ostalgie – a romantic nostalgia for the old but comforting ways of Communist East Germany – and a yearning for rigid systems after progression into the future has led to chaos and uncertainty.

While the music on Ostalgia is at times a reflection of that chaos and uncertainty, it also refers to Rhys further exploring his Germanic ancestry. And although the sledgehammer beats of 12 Steppes and Fission evoke Rhys’ previous work with industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly, he is not simply paying homage to his past musical escapades here. This is forward-looking music, not content with resting on any past ideologies.


Abaddon: Techno is a passion

Abaddon is a podcast / premiere platform, promoting high quality electronic music from all around the world. With a podcast or premiere request please contact us via:      

New: Cartel welcomes you one step higher

Techno Cartel or simply Cartel is a webpage devoted and designed to high quality electronic underground music, making an invisible connection throughout generations. Cartel is an ultimate way to share very unique music with world community. We are giving you a chance to collaborate with us by sending your demos to (only download links)….

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